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Need-To-Know Verbiage

IMMY Inc: The company (see Company Overview below).

Immy: Short for "Immersive Imager," an Immy is new product category defined as an H.M.D. (head mounted display) with a lensless, fully-reflective optical system.

The Immy Mark 1:  The first product offering of IMMY Inc., the Mark 1 is a pre-release, hardware-only product not designed for consumer use. 



Company Overview

Since its founding in 2005, IMMY Inc. has singularly pursued the development and manufacture of the first high fidelity AR/VR headset that’s designed entirely around the holistic human experience. Doug Magyari, the Founder, CEO and driving force behind the Immy’s development, set out to fill what seemed to him a glaring need: a way to emotionally experience AR/VR content as a means of positive change. Until now, the tool for experiencing such content has been the limiting factor in an industry filled unwieldy headsets harried by a multitude of technological shortcomings too severe to ignore.

It’s taken ten years of pioneering development by some of the brightest minds in optics, metrology, and high precision optics manufacturing, but IMMY Inc. has finally accomplished what was thought to be impossible. IMMY Inc. has developed the world’s first, and only, fully-reflective lensless imaging optic, the Natural Eye Optic™ (N.E.O). The N.E.O. Replicates the human vision system, providing the most natural and comfortable viewing experience possible. IMMY Inc.’s N.E.O. technology eliminates the limitations of existing optics technologies, delivering a large field of view, 3D AR/VR capability, and a lightweight, wearable and mobile form-factor at an affordable price. Today, IMMY Inc. is working hard to bring their headset to market on a broad scale. Manufacturing is slated to begin in the spring of 2017.


Doug Magyari, Founder and CEO

Doug Magyari, CEO and founder of IMMY Inc., has more than twenty years of R&D experience in developing virtual reality training systems and headsets for both military and commercial clients; He has been developing and perfecting the IMMY Inc. N.E.O.™ optic specifically since 2005. The first N.E.O. prototype units were used by the Future Immersive Training Environment - Joint Combat Training Demonstration (FITE JCTD) program from 2009 to 2011, and in the Augmented Immersive Team Training (AITT) program from 2011 to 2015. Over the last six years, Doug and his team at IMMY Inc. have collaborated and tested with subject matter experts from SRI/Sarnoff, Lockheed Martin, Camber, the ONR, RDECOM STTC, PEO-STRI, TSIS, and IITSEC in order to perfect the N.E.O. optic. 

About The Immy Mark 1

An Immy, shorthand for "Immersive Imager", is a new product category named after the company that has taken over a decade to make it; An Immy hinges on an optic that, while theoretically viable, was doubted by many experts in optical science. It’s good news for the industry that they were wrong, as IMMY Inc.’s fully reflective, lensless Natural Eye Optic™ solves or bypasses the great hurdles that have kept VR/AR technology from taking its place as the next frontier of content development and consumption. 

The Immy Mark 1 Headset is soon rolling out in a series of distribution waves that will wrap up near the end of 2018. This revolutionary headset (and we mean that) boasts a number of features that no other headset on the market can claim, resulting in a product that is unquestionably peerless in its ability to facilitate an emotional connection with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality content. Which leads to our first point:

Lensless AR/VR, Variable Transmission, and Solving the Nausea Problem

Headsets on the market today cannot offer both Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences; they have to pick one or the other for reasons linked to their lenses. An Immy utilizes a lensless optic, conveying light to the eye by a series of mirrors, not by twisting the light with lenses and splitters. That lets us comfortably offer both VR and AR experiences, which the user switches between by way of a Variable Transmission, a slide along the side of the headset that controls how opaque the visor is. The process is experientially immediate, rapidly transitioning from opaque to transparent and in-between as desired.

The Variable Transmission makes it easy to orient yourself to the real world, and that means the Immy Mark 1 does away with the ever present nausea problem: headsets that rely on complete external deprivation often result in nausea over time. It’s the brain’s involuntary reaction to the dissonance between perceiving motion you can’t feel, but soon it will be problem of the past. So darken the visor for a purely Virtual environment or leave the world around you visible and Augment it, either way your eyes are going to be appreciative of the organically transmitted light across a broad, emotion capable Field of View (FoV). That leads us to point number two:

The Natural Eye Optic™, Broad FoV, and Resolution/Fidelity

Natural Eye Optic™ (N.E.O) is the name of the IMMY Inc.’s patented optic, a feat of engineering more than ten years in the making. From the beginning, Doug Magyari envisioned an optic that was built around the human eye’s safety and comfort. What makes an Immy so special is that it provides light to the eye the way that the eye prefers: no lenses, not too bright, and no intermediaries. A totally reflective and lensless optic, the N.E.O. can transmit images organically to the eye, images by a mini OLED onto a series of mirrors and finally a combiner before being gently lofted into the visual cortex.

Brilliantly simple, and once thought impossible.

The Field of View is another aspect of the an Immy that was, from the beginning of the process, insisted upon. Studies show that a FoV of at least 60 degrees is necessary for the vast majority of people to feel emotionally present in immersive content. Anything less than that and the brain is unfooled. The Immy Mark 1 uncompromisingly offers at least 60 degrees, and that with 100% overlap, a fancy term meaning that those aren’t cheat-degrees. Both eyes have full access to the scene. That begs the question, how do the images displayed in that FoV actually look?

Because the optic is totally reflective, the resolution is unbelievably good. It’s orders of magnitude better than any lens-based option, coming in at just a tad lower than the naked human eye can perceive, and IMMY Inc. already plans to update the resolution to a point which will officially make further upgrades irrelevant. Soon, the eye will be the limiting factor in resolution. Still, all of this would be moot if the Immy Mark 1 weren’t wearable for long stretches at a time. Point three: an Immy is safe.

Comfort, Safety, and All-Day Wearability

Your neck and shoulder muscles already work hard holding up your head, and it doesn’t take much additional weight before muscle strain sets in. For health reasons, tech worn on the head designed for long-session use should never exceed 4 ounces, and the Immy Mark 1 is designed accordingly. The Immy Mark 1 is light, and it’s safe to wear for an indefinite amount of time. But it’s not just your neck that will thank you for the lightened load, it’s also your eyes.

Not only does an Immy convey light in a safe way, it conveys it in a safe amount. Lenses amplify light from a bright screen that might be only inches from the eye, essentially putting your eyes on the wrong side of a magnifying glass on a sunny day. But the N.E.O. uses a comparatively dim source of light that can, due to its design, produce high fidelity images without overpowering the eye.

Taken altogether this means that eye fatigue is non existent with an Immy. Normally what prohibits extended periods of VR/AR is either muscle or eye fatigue, so eliminating those two problems means that an Immy can go as long as you can: again, all of this is due to a project-long commitment to treat the end user’s eyes and safety as paramount.

Don’t Believe Us?

The industry of VR/AR headsets has been plagued by overpromising and disappointment. We’re hopeful you’ll put what we’ve said here to the test, because honestly we want you to be as excited as we are.

The world of VR/AR is just opening up to us, and the Immy is the key that has unlocked it. The IMMY Mark 1 will be available at a limited supply for ordering in the near future, so stay tuned.


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