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Need-To-Know Verbiage

IMMY Inc: The company (see Company Overview below).

Immy: Short for "Immersive Imager," an Immy is new product category defined as an H.M.D. (head mounted display) with a lensless, fully-reflective optical system.

The Immy Mark 1:  The first product offering of IMMY Inc., the Mark 1 is a pre-release, hardware-only product not designed for consumer use. 



IMMY Inc. Company Overview

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IMMY Inc., founded in 2003 and based in Troy, MI, is the creator of the world’s most technologically advanced, human-centric Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) glasses. At the center of this achievement is the first fully reflective, lensless imaging optic—Natural Eye Optic® (NEO). An IMMY replicates how we see in the real world, providing the most natural and comfortable viewing experience possible.  This technological advancement took many years to develop along with some of the most creative manufacturing minds to solve various hurdles such as current machining code deficiencies, optical software limits, and unique metrology requirements.

The IMMY Mark I has a large 60° Field of View (FoV) with 100% overlap, an extremely high resolution, full capability in both AR and VR, unparalleled eye comfort and safety (no eye strain or headaches even with extended use), unobstructed peripheral vision, and it weighs in at less than 4 oz. This remarkable optical system allows IMMY Inc. to produce multiple near-to-eye AR/VR products to meet the demands of the major market segments: Military, Enterprise, Medical, Entertainment, and Consumer.

IMMY’s AR/VR glasses are being manufactured in the U.S.A. The first pre-orders of the IMMY® Mark I are slated for release in Q3 of this year at IMMYinc.com, with the IMMY® Mark II Immersive Computing platform to be available in Q2, 2018.


Doug Magyari’s Background and IMMY’s AR/VR HMD Development Evolution

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Doug Magyari, IMMY Inc. Founder and CEO, is a world-class inventor, scientist, and businessman working on advanced technologies and problem solving with more than 30 years of R&D experience.  He has been granted 9 patents in chemistry, optics, acoustics, mechanics and electronics and has an extensive background in product design and manufacturing.  Doug has pioneered the development of augmented reality training systems and virtual reality headsets for military and commercial clients. It has taken him more than ten years to develop and perfect the IMMY optical engine. The IMMY is the first headset to combine dual functionality for VR and AR.

The first IMMY prototype units were used by the Future Immersive Training Environment – Joint Combat Training Demonstration (FITE JCTD) program starting in 2009.


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