In 2005, the IMMY team recognized that in order to deliver a breakthrough wearable display device, it needed to develop a new class of optical technology.  After 10 years of pioneering development by some of the brightest minds in optics, metrology, and high precision optics manufacturing, IMMY has accomplished what was thought to be impossible.  IMMY has developed the worlds first, and only, lens-less imaging optic, the Natural Eye Optic™ (N.E.O).  The N.E.O. Replicates the human vision system, providing the most natural and comfortable viewing experience possible.  IMMY’s N.E.O. technology eliminates the limitations of existing optics technologies, thus delivering a large FoV, 3D AR/VR capability in a lightweight, wearable and mobile form-factor at an affordable price.


In order to deliver a product platform that unlocks the power of immersive computing for the mass market IMMY developed additional breakthroughs in electro-chromics, user interface and software.  IMMY is ushering in the new era of mobile immersive computing with the IMMY Mark I™. 


In the real world there's only air between the image you see and your eyes, no prisms, no lenses, no light guides...just air.  For any wearable display to offer a comfortable viewing experience it must deliver the images to the relaxed eye.  This is especially true to deliver a truly immersive, connected and emotional 2D/3D experience.  The IMMY NEO is powered by a unique, advanced optic technology that works like natural human vision.



The difference between "Looking" and "Experiencing" is largely

determined by the Field Of View.  The IMMY Mark I™ has a 60 degree FOV!



Rich and Powerful SDK

Authoring Tools